Here is information about how YOU can sponsor an AVP Community Workshop:

Sponsoring an AVP Workshop in your community

AVP maintains an active program for conducting workshops for community groups.

AVP Community Workshops normally require about 20 hours over a contiguous 3 day period - usually a Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday until mid-afternoon.  There are many ways to arrive at the needed hours which are adjusted to meet the needs of the sponsoring community.

All fees from participants at community workshops are used for materials and supplies to provide free AVP workshops in schools and prisons.  We frequently have offered generous partial scholarships to those who would find it a financial hardship to pay a full workshop fee.

All our facilitators and staff are non-paid volunteers.


Trained AVP volunteer facilitators
will provide all the training and training materials!

There are three tasks which workshop sponsors agree to undertake as part of their own outreach to the community:

1. Provide a working space

For a large workshop, a room which will comfortably hold up to 20 participants and 4 facilitators seated in a large circle on armless chairs, with room outside the circle for 4 tables. A smaller workshop can be held with 12 participants and 3 facilitators.

We put up quite a few newsprint charts, so lots of wall space is certainly a plus.

2. Promotion to your membership and the community
AVP will provide you with master copies of informative brochures, posters, press releases and other printed materials. Your commitment is to let your membership know about the workshop as well as how to enroll.

We urge you to consider promoting the workshop to the surrounding community.

Our past experience shows that diversity among participants frequently makes for a very satisfying workshop experience.

Enrollment needs to be no less than 12 and no more than 20 participants.

3. Coffee Breaks - Light Meals - Hospitality

During any late afternoon / evening session , it is customary to break 45 minutes for a light evening meal.

For daytime sessions, we normally break an hour for lunch as well as 15 minutes in mid-morning and mid-afternoon for a coffee / soda.

Some co-sponsors keep a coffee pot going all day.

Your furnishing of meals and break refreshments would be very appreciated.

Many sponsoring groups have arranged for hospitality for participants or facilitators traveling from a distance too great for reasonable daily commuting.

Please contact AVP-NH State Coordinator Charles Oropallo with any questions or to arrange for a meeting to provide more information about AVP.


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