Welcome to the AVP New Hampshire Newsletter page!

Welcome to the New Hampshire Alternatives to Violence Project's newsletter access page! Our plan is that the issues of the newsletter be available here as each is completed.
It had been AVP facilitator Jeff Dupuis' goal to publish a newsletter from the Concord facility since he became that institution's first inside coordinator in 1995. That goal finally came to fruition in September, 2001! Jeff had completed the first issue the morning of September 11, 2001 before the news of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Philadelphia tragedies had become known.
Besides Jeff, Susan Oropallo (the AVP-NH Concord Facility Coordinator at the time), Wayne Brock (then the DOC Life Skills Program Coordinator at Concord), and Charles Oropallo (the AVP-NH State Coordinator) all had their part in getting the first issue out to a small mailing list. Our goal was to make every effort to get the newsletter out to all of our inside and outside AVP-NH volunteers.

Note: The newsletter is available here at no charge. However, if you desire a black and white hardcopy of the newsletter, please send a check for $2 payable to AVP-NH to the address below. Enclose your address and which issue of the newsletter you desire. It will be sent via first class mail to you.

Article submissions are accepted via email to:
Susan Oropallo, Concord Facility Coordinator

or via regular mail to:
The Alternatives to Violence Project in NH
PO Box 128
Peterborough, NH 03458

Please provide mailed submissions in typewritten format.

You can also always help us immensely by donating money to us.  We can only exist as an organization through contributions.  We have no paid staff and every dollar donated goes directly toward allowing us to continue to provide workshops in non-violent conflict resolution.  Your contribution dollars are tax deductible.  Please do not send cash - you can mail your contribution in the form of a check payable to AVP-NH to:

PO Box 128
Peterborough, NH 03458


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